What is Botox?

Botox Therapy is the procedure of removing wrinkles which appear between eyebrows, on the corner of lips and on the forehead that is done by dermatologist experts. Treatment time is short and in this time with a few small injections you may see your wrinkles removed which will last for 4 months. Results change from person to person.

Why does the skin get old?

One day when we look at the mirror we notice lines and wrinkles on our face. Where did they come from? Old age? Or did we spend too much time under the sun? Stressful life? Air pollution? Smoking? It is difficult to find a single answer and we should know that it is complicated. It is not just a change in cells but also collagen loss, hormone deficit could be added to factors which cause this. Any of these effects or a few of them together may create those lines on our skin.

Anatomy of Wrinkles

Lines which is formed on our forehead, between eyebrows or around eyes form in time due to movements of muscles. We carry and show our feelings on our face. If we are angry or troubled we frown. Muscles under the skin contract and causes wrinkles on the skin which covers them. In time, these wrinkles repeat and becomes permanent. They also become more visible. Ladies mimics are more than men. Women's skin is more fragile than men's and that is why lines look more visible and permanent. There is a way of preventing these wrinkles become this visible, thanks to these methods. Botox treatment's effect on wrinkles will be noticed in a few days and will last for 4 months.

Botox Treatment

Botox treatment is a procedure involving small needle actions which takes 10 to 30 minutes. During this little time, observing a recovery which will last for months is the attractive thing in this treatment. Expert doctor applies these needles directly to the muscles which cause these wrinkles. Your doctor examines the muscles and their movements and find out the spots to apply the treatment. This treatment do not require anesthesia but some doctors may use cold gel or anesthetic creams.

How often should the treatment be done?

If you are happy with the treatment you will want to continue and your wrinkles will continue to look better. If you don't continue your wrinkles will get back to their old form.

Botox side effects

Contraindications of Botox; If there is an active infection in the area in which Botox will be applied, if you are allergic to substances in Botox and if you are pregnant you should not have Botox treatment.

What your doctor needs to know before Botox treatment

Your doctor is the only person who will decide if Botox is right treatment for you. If you have a condition that affects the muscles and nerves of the face adverse, If you are breastfeeding, and you are planning to become pregnant soon, and all the drug names you use please tell your doctor before treatment. After the treatment you will observe a recovery on your wrinkles. Botox treatment do not change your facial expressions entirely. You will still look angry or confused but this time without the wrinkles. Botox cosmetic therapy provides a recovery which will continue for 4 months with its effect on the muscle contractions which forms the lines. If you stop the treatment old lines and wrinkles will come back.