Modern lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and genetic tendencies, the majority of women are strongly concerned about cellulite factors. With cellulite or scientific name 'local lipodystrophy' accepted the blood and lymph circulation of the poor functioning because of the texture of fat molecular uneven distribution and the skin caused due to water retention of adipose tissue and subcutaneous tissue as a pathological condition.

Simply put, 'cellulite' 'The term' common female body and especially in the hips, thighs, abdomen, used to describe the orange peel appearance observed in the knee and chest area. A healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of fluids can help in correcting the problem as a significant reduction of alcohol consumption. However, a woman is very persistent in spite of cellulite and regular exercise to lose weight.

How would effect?

Caused by changes in fat tissue layer that provides treatment and improvement of skin disorder, was found in the results of the latest research in the field of cellulite is a product that is injected. Effect of cellulite pathogenic character is based on a new hypothesis is due to iron toxicity.

Synthesis of treatment, toxic substances that cause the growth of fat cells (iron and hemosiderin) accumulation resolves, reduces cellulite.

How many sessions are needed?

Number of sessions, the width of the problem depends on the region and the degree of cellulite appear. Eye average 7-12 treatment sessions needed for obtaining visible results. Soon after completion of the treatment, as a result of conservation treatment needs to be repeated for 1-2 sessions.

How To Apply to Treatment?

Seen in any part of the body with weekly sessions with mesotherapy cellulite applied method. Surface at the entrance of the needle after injecting tiny bruises or visible light or moderate redness is shown. These reactions are completely lost within several hours is considered normal for this type of treatment.

Notice What Should I Do After The Treatment?

Do not apply cosmetics to the treated area within 12 hours after treatment and from all heat and radiation sources (sunlight, UV radiation, sauna, etc.) to stay away.

When The Treatment Is Not Recommended?

In the treatment area of the patient or an acute or chronic infection around the problem is not recommended. For security reasons, anaphylactic reactions, allergic reactions, severe organic diseases, autoimmune diseases, and also pregnant and nursing women, including children, shall be subjected to treatment for all patients with such a medical history.

Secure Treatment Of Problem Oil Accumulation

Jowl, arms, waist, belly, hip, and knees

Regular Exercise and Healthy Eating Results Do Not Always ...

Paying attention to living a healthy life, regular workout, even though you practice healthy eating, is it still bothers you that fat layer does not disappear?

The reason is, there is in our genes and in the special structure of our fat cells in specific areas. When the human body to use fat stores for energy needs naturally. The body fat cells in the subcutaneous adipose tissue as it remains constant is working as an oil reservoir. Not numbers, but the content and vary the total volume.

How The Treatment Works?

Treatment includes some kind of bile acid which desoksikolanik acid. Bacteria is for combustion of the oil with the help of our body and said means capable of producing acid liver itself. The fatty acid solution capability, the inventor of the treatment, which is a mixture prepared synthetically developed by Professor p.motolez.

This active ingredient is actually to effect release locks on the wall of fat cells and as a result, the stored fatty acids in the cell. Cell debris is being taken by the body and converted into energy as fat cells are not connected to the metabolism.

Treatment can be applied to what part of the body?

Almost all of the body can be applied to melt the fat accumulation.

Localized fat storage in the body, tickle, arms, belly and abdominal circumference, the directory inside of the hip (saddle bags), and thighs, butt and legs breaks, trochanter region, lipomas, crushed to the male chest, neck fat deposits.

How Many Treatments Are Necessary?

Number of sessions, the desired degree of correction of the prevalence of fat accumulation and adipose tissue depends on the specific reaction. On average, until the condition is gone that would require treatment results 3-5 from 3-week intervals.

Deemed absolutely necessary to ensure the success of a healthy diet and exercise therapy.

How To Apply?

Thin, flexible, and use of the skin with a special needle is injected directly into subcutaneous fat tissue. Because fat tissue have almost no stock, treatment is actually painless.

Immediately after administration, redness and slight swelling can be seen. As with any treatment with a hypodermic needle, is likely to occur a small hematoma. All this completely disappears after a few days are possible side effects and implementation.

What Should I Caution After The Session?

After 12 hours of the treatment we need to stay away cosmetic products, and the whole heat and radiation sources (sunlight, UV radiation, sauna, etc.). In addition, avoid strenuous exercise for 7 days.

The liberated fatty acids is converted into additional energy is very important to maintain a healthy diet, otherwise your body will store the oil in another region.