Nonsurgical Face Lift

Nonsurgical Face Lift

Face Lifting, Skin Thightening and Regenaration

Nonsurgical face lift is done by Ultrasound (sound waves) technology in the lower layers of the skin collagen production focused carrier tissues actuated allowing recovery of the skin firming and medical application.

Face and neck as well as the benefits of the stretching if sort

  • Increased collagen production
  • Healthy connective tissue
  • Wrinkle reduction in
  • Increased elasticity of the skin structure
  • In the treatment of skin tightening and lifting effect can provide. Due to loss of skin elasticity, sagging occurring and eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, mouth, edge, contour the face, jaw line and jowl region and in wrinkles around the eyes improvement and rejuvenation without surgical procedure is provided. Devices for device therapy with the heat energy forming sound waves desired tissue depth focus and top layer of skin without damaging subcutaneous connective tissue collagen production increases little heat damage is formed.

    How to Practice?

    Ultrasonic face and neck skin during rejuvenation 3 mm and 1.5 mm below the focused ultrasound waves in the targeted administration site, collagen production inducing heat damage generated. During this process the skin surface of the affected application. Is located in the connective tissue under the skin to a depth of carrier energy that reaches the tissue and the stimulation of new collagen production and a strong tightening effect occurs over time, face lift effect is achieved without surgery.

    Which regions are applied?

    Facial skin and facial Ovality loss in the jaw line sags in patients with cheeks, jowl in sagging to correct length, eyebrow in order to remove eyebrow-forehead region, the eye outside and at the bottom to reduce wrinkles with the goal around the eyes, cleavage wrinkles in order to fix décolleté is applied.

    How long is single session?

    Since according to the site of administration is between from 30 to 60 minutes application 1 hour until the entire face and neck continues. 1-3 sessions are suitable to achieve the desired results.

    Is the application painful?

    During the application, the pain they are feeling sick often called "pin prick" or "electricity" is defined as. Depending on the preference of patients with regional anesthesia or sedation may be able to completely block the sensation of pain.

    Can we return daily life immediately after the session?

    People can return to their daily activities immediately after application. After the treatment, skin burns, stains, any side effects will not occur. Will return to normal after a few hours in some patients with mild redness may occur.

    Is the method Safe?

    Ultrasound energy safely in medicine for over 50 years (even in women) are used.

    When do results emerge?

    After the application, starting from the first moment the effect is more apparent with each passing day, a month later becomes visible effects, the desired results were observed after 3 months begins. Full results are to be found only 6 months. Skin rejuvenation with ultrasound to stimulate collagen production in skin results are longer lasting.

    Who is a candidate?

    Loss of elasticity in the face and neck skin for all the persons who are appropriate candidates.